O' Brownies

About Us

O’Brownies started in 2017 in my home kitchen. Wanting to be an entrepreneur since my university days, I never wanted to work for anyone.

It was a small setup and a lot of product testing was involved. I spent long nights, trying recipes and baking until the perfect brownie came into existence. Now that I finally had something in my hand, I shared the first batch of brownies with my then friend – now spouse – Jannat. That is how it all started.

Once we came up with a product that could be sold in the market, we sampled it with a lot of people. The brownies were sampled in different offices for our friends and when the feedback was 96 to 97 percent positive, that is when Jannat and I realized that we should start an online business. We created a Facebook page and as people started to share our brownies, more orders came in, and we started seeing the potential in our business.

In the beginning

We started with very basic packaging, but as we grew in popularity and demand, we came up with the packaging for O’Brownies. Everything was designed by us and it was a process that took a lot of time as we wanted everything to be perfect. Not only did we want the product to taste good but also look good. 


What makes us unique is our process of developing food and flavors through research, trial, sampling and feedback. We respond to market needs and feedback to develop our products accordingly. From big corporate orders to special events, our clients trust us, thus making us credible.

After three years of hard work, with our day jobs and baking at night, and delivering each package ourselves, we launched O’Brownies in Islamabad.

We have a strict code and we do not compromise on our ingredients. High quality input leads to high quality output, hence we are the “Concierge to Quality”, which is our tagline.