O' Brownies

Bento Cakes

O’brownies believes in bringing the global taste home. These decadent bento cakes are made with two layers of velvety, moist cake sponge, filled with a creamy ganache and topped with smooth buttercream. Every bite is infused with rich flavor and a hint of sweetness.

The perfect indulgence for any occasion! To make this cake extra special, it can be customized with a message, decoration, theme, or even a sprinkling of edible glitter & pearls. The Bento packaging is a plus as it has a pastel color top which gives it an elegant look & will make the receiver feel special.

What are Bento Cakes ?
Bento cakes are a popular way to celebrate special occasions in Japan.They are small cakes with colorful decorations making it a unique and delicious treat. Bento cakes can be enjoyed at birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions