O' Brownies

Customized Cakes(Minimum 3 lbs) 2000 Rs per LB


1. Please select the image of the cake from the following below list, if you want any design of your own, please send that image to our WhatsApp number, 03188444965
2. Please communicate the pick-up date, time cake plate writing with our representative and any change to your design if needed.
3. Our representative will share the total price with a disclaimer if any particular thing is not possible.
4. Our flavour options
a. Chocolate fudge
b. Chocolate caramel
c. French vanilla
d. Red Velvet
5. Once the details have been confirmed you l be asked to make the payment online from our website and share the screenshot with our team or you can transfer the amount to our online bank that would be shared on WhatsApp
6. Note that in the case of massive orders, the representative will not be taking orders. Your convenience in this regard would be highly appreciated
7. Orders shall be confirmed 4 days prior to pick up
8. In case of any confusion please send a voice note to our representative on 03188444965